13 thoughts on “Little Boys in Big Beds (not sleeping) #2

    • Whoa ! this is a new experience or what ? I am totally agreeing with My new friend Florian1 about the cutest boy in the post and I ain’t even teasin him or joking around or nothing. I’m even resisting to the urge to ‘you know what,’ so I’ll just smile sweetly and leave it at that.
      …. this time

  1. Beautiful set, thank you!
    Number 9 has a mesmerizing look on his face.
    Number 8 strikes a cord with me. What is it about a big boy in a diaper? So sensual, endearing, embarrassing, shamefully erotic!
    I can go on all day about the exciting level of intamicy that you gain with a boy who has to wear a diaper and needs assistance with staying clean!

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