27 thoughts on “Shorts and Speedos in Christmas.

  1. Maxie my man you again provide the sweetest most delicious eye candy. shock The first boy is a heart stopper. dash The rest of these handsome sexy lads are just icing on the beef cake. yes Thank you for all the wonderful posts, by the way can I join the party? laugh Happy Holidays, may you and yours enjoy every moment. heart joy drinks good dog

    • My dear beast, please join the Party, it will be a honour ! I wish you and yours, Felices Fiestas !, and please don’t stop with your comments laugh heart . Thank you for all the good moments in this Blog. good drinks hug joy

  2. Dear Maxie, you love very boys and i understand
    But unfortunately, the real problem is that boys will grow up and will not have for example, 12 years forever
    The most incredible thing is that boys today have too much of a hurry to grow up, and they don’t understand that stay boys would be the greatest thing in the world
    Then once grown up, reminisce about the past and want to come back boys
    I’m just saying I’m typing with tears in my eyes, I’m crying because if I could come back boy, I would stay boy forever
    My biggest dream is to die and give my life for the boys because there is no greater love than to give his life to the one you love
    God bless the children
    Children I bless you from my heart
    Kisses and hugs to children around the world

    • Dear Stefano, life is so, you don’t need to cry, because when they are adults, we will find another boys, maybe beautiful than this boys. Of course for us, to have Peter Pans everywhere, where the beautiful thing in the world. In this Holydays, everybody send hugs and kisses for all the boys in the world. So I wish you calm and happyness for this Holydays. Thank you very much Stefano for your words. good hug drinks heart

  3. The first boy is great. He hits most of my attractions. Long hair, necklace, nice view of his underarms, and great laugh and smile. Thank you for posting him.

    (The others are nice, too.) good

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