18 thoughts on “Danish brothers traveling in Singapore

  1. what a lovely post again inlove
    Firstly i want to publish it on the main page too, but then a saw it was from Yann13 again blush laugh
    So i think firstly i must post some own posts again, else my blog will change too Yann’s blog laugh

  2. The youngest looks like a real little dickens. laugh Kind of reminds me of Zack from the Hansons. yes inlove Darn dandy Danish darlings. dash Thank you for the great post Yann, please have a great Holiday season. heart joy hug good

  3. what a handsome family! His daddy is super lucky of having 3 extra handsome little boys to kiss and cuddle with hug Thw youngest one is ssooo cute, his eyes are really pretty, while the oldest one is jus… wow!! he is handsome. No, handsome does not make him justice.. he is super hot! dash

  4. Super cute boys especially the one on the right in the first pic I love how the water is dripping down his hot tan body. The last pic looks like they are going to do something naughty but fun I would love to watch

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