12 thoughts on “Ya’ gotta luv the boys in denim!

    • Swedish photographer ? Who ? Same photographer doing this type blue jean type of stuff ? wow. I likes these types. Take those jeans off and play with the real guy. That is the useless fantasy. No way need I touch them any more than being a model allows touching anyway. They are simple wows. Swedish photographer ? More ? Yummy Cakes. drinks

  1. I’d rather love boys out of their denims! The first boy is making a good start to being in a perfect pose laugh inlove laugh Is Ronan offering? I’d accept. good Next to speedos and short shorts I do enjoy a boy showing off his charms in denim. yes thank for for a very nice post Halsol, many happy returns of the season to you. good hug joy

  2. Blue jeans are beautiful if inside them is a good-looking boy. I’ve always loved to watch boys in their tight denims. It is very interesting and sexy to think about what you can find there inside. It is pleasure for a long time when you first caress them from outside, and then slowly start to strip them off … step further and further. It is so enjoyable to both of you when the boy finally has become out off his “shells”.
    Yeah, all these boys look really good in their denims but Ronan’s overlooking to there bottom are dazzling. I have not seen this picture never before. Pic 4 I have seen many times and I will probably never get tired of watching it over and over again and always I begin to think of what fun I could find inside those jeans. Beautiful views to everyone for holidays.

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