Scotty Dream 2

Yesterday was Florian, and doing the right thing, today is Scotty with us.

They are for me, the two best models on earth
scotty4 scotty18-666x369 scotty20 scotty2 Young scotty19 scotty3 scotty5 scotty21 scotty22

15 thoughts on “Scotty Dream 2

  1. Magnificent, Maxie! Such beautiful photos of gorgeous scotty heart and his allure is the same whether he smiles or not. His body is amazing and it is easy to see why you rate him so highly. Thank you so very much again.

  2. This is all of the same boy. He is the same boy that appears alot with freckle face sean?. I did not know that if that is true. I may like him a little more then you. He is one of my all time favorite boys. He is so dreamy, pretty sexy. Thank you again.

    • Yes paperpaul, is the same one, who appears with Sean in some series. He was with Florian one of my all time favorite boys too heart . He is very cute and his face when he looks without smile, is also lovely inlove . Thanks for your support. good drinks hug

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