Some random cute boys

Yes i know, more horrible long hawaian shorts to cover gorgeous boys’ legs, but the boys wearing them are still gorgeous, cute and adorable, so who cares anyway?


6 thoughts on “Some random cute boys

  1. Sorry to have offended you, I did not mean to, I just was sharing a feeling I have which comes from the United States and its sexual repression. sorry The boys are gorgeous and I truly appreciate your taking the time and effort to post them. yes good
    My last boyfriend took a great deal of teasing and abuse from other kids his age because he liked wearing speedos. He had a great body and was well endowed, so he was labeled a queer, faggot, and other more derogatory term because of it, I guess it has made me a bit over sensitive, please accept my apology, I promise to not comment on long trunks anymore. yes Thank you for your posts, Please have a great holiday season. good hug

    • My dear beast,
      I have to admit i was very shocked and surprised by your comment.Ofcourse i am not offended, you can’t offend me just by writing some comments. Why would you think that in the first place?? :confused:
      And besides what i wrote was not intrnded just for you anyway, a lot of people made the same comment. I don’t like these long shorts either not because they’re long but because the’re baggy and when you jump in the water they get filled up with water and have your butt sticking out like a sailboat.You get what i mean? But it seems to be they style people prefer these days so what can you do? I like the ones like the guy in pic4 of this upload long but tight to your legs.
      I am so sorry to hear about your boyfriend.
      I used to wear big glasses as a kid so you don’t have to tell me about teasing and Just how cruel other kids can be.
      Please send my love to him and tell him he should always be proud of the great body he has and never let anyone convince him to be ashamed of that.
      People make fun of that because they are jealous of what he has and they don’t. I would only complement him on that because I know it would make him feel even better and put a smile on his beautiful face. And just by feeling like you need to apologise to me a total stranger whom you don’t evrn know just shows what a great person you are and you should be really proud of yourself. It takes a real man to apologise always remember that! And prople making fun of you are just stupid idiots that don’t even deserve the pleasure of your company.
      All the best to you and your family and happy holidays.

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