15 thoughts on “Sunbathing in 2006

    • Full nudes aren’t allowed here. I wouldn’t want to see the boy’s penis member sticking out anyway though I’m sure it’s just as beautiful as the rest of him. I pray the lad is a happy young man, almost 10 years older today and able to use his man tool legally. heart

      • ‘man tool’ ? The guy is merely asleep and having a penile hard meanwhile as most ( NOT ALL ) males do whilst asleep. Urinary tract extrania is the reason most often, coming and going until morning, giving way to the first hard-on of the day with a softening peee … except for others who wet the bed. Plus others who wake up and just go and then go back to sleep. Hards are not hard to explain. smile The ‘man tool’ is never illegal. Using the ‘man tool’ is never as of yet illegal. laugh ‘love tool’ is also ‘man tool’. yes [ Female love canal is different. Ha Ha … not the ‘tool’ we mechanical males think of as a ‘tool’. Ha Ha ] drinks

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