Atletics: stunning boys

Boys just the way I like them.
Nice and sporty. Slim and in great shape. And they are so cute.

Boy 1: cute and angelic

2040 1

2040 2

2040 3

Boy 2: Noah (and I found out Noah runs faster than most adults), sweet funny and fast. And he seems to look very serious or very silly in the camera. He looks perfect in my eyes, but so do the others.
noah 1

noah 2

noah 3

Boy 3:

Boy 4: the smallest and cutest one in the bunch. Who could say no to that pretty face.
to cute 1

to cute 2

to cute 3

That’s it for now. Maybe once the holidays start I’ll have time to make another post.

15 thoughts on “Atletics: stunning boys

  1. Jo, thank you for the wonderful boys. good I love athletic boys, I’ve trained many boys in boxing, wrestling, judo, jujitsu, karate/kung-fu, muay thai and Waco kick-boxing as well as just about any sport they could want to participant in as a Physical education teacher, so I really appreciate the post, knowing the work the little guys have put in. yes Thank you for sharing, happy Holidays. good drinks hug

    • Yeah, it is so nice for boys to join some sport. Train, practice, fight some battles and do some competitions, all in good spirits with friends. Having fun while playing and training.

  2. I regret to say I made an error. I was so overjoyed with finding the magnificent little angel online I messed up the names. Noah is boy 1 (the one I met) and I think boy 2 is Sem.

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