7 thoughts on “Funny boy dancing

  1. What the young cuties lacks in technique he more than makes up for in attitude and effort, very darling and sexy. good He could dance on my dance pole whenever he wanted. laugh Thank you Mynblue for sharing. A wonderful holiday season to you. drinks joy hug

  2. who is seducing who here ? is the boy a victim if the girls seducing him here deicide to then blame him for wanting their attentions ? He gives and they give nothing ? boys as toys and then, as humans, wanting a return on investment, and punished for desiré in return for desiré ? This is CUTE but also child abuse, depending. WOW. he is well defined dancer but also innocent of the photographing girls’ reasons … the females who are using him for sexual purposes. He is set up to be punished for being tactile and physically in cinques with the music. He will be spanked daily for being co-operative and have his sex degraded because he is as sexy and lustful as they are who photo’d him. Girls will be girls. Love this video more than most.

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