33 thoughts on “Good boy

  1. That was really nasty, I love nasty. shock shock I’ve got a banana he can deep throat! good laugh That was hot to the bone. yes I wonder what else or who else he deep throats, does he swallow? shock I rate the post 10 erections up, and down his throat I bet. dash Very hot and sexy Sanjo, thank you. drinks happy Holidays. good hug joy

  2. What’s so exciting about it that so many feel the urge to write dirty comments about it? boredom
    This here is kind of public, so it would be better to keep some of your thoughts inside your mind…

  3. Wow,I was just about to give up on the blog today ( too many old pics) but then this gem pops up! As Thomix has already pointed out,it’s innocent but at the same time funny! And just a little bit hot! But loads of boys fool around like this so don’t think too much into it! joy

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