6 thoughts on “Just friends….. Last

  1. Very wonderful group of friends, wish they were mine. yes The second two kids are very sweet and would make great playmates. laugh Thank you for the terrific post Lusiboy, many happy returns of the day to you. good drinks joy

  2. Pictures 2 and 3 hug heart

    The boy on top of picture 2 seems such fun, so gorgeous. Just a mind blowing boy with a really hot body.
    And those brothers in 3: sheer perfection. Cute, gorgeous, perfect bodies in such great shape. Perfect angels that could cast their spell on me. inlove

  3. The supposed comrades in photo one do not look right. I love the guy in gray with wristlet. [ I do not remember the guy in the dark suit with him. I needs to be me there. Ha Ha ] ‘Famous’ from Andrei2000. I need to re-visit him. Thanks for the reminder. cool

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