16 thoughts on “Arab boys, China boys & Russia boys.

  1. Arabic and Asian boys look so exotic in my Finnish eyes. Thank you very much Maxie. All those Arab boys look good, and all the Asian boys look also very good … so hot and sexy and cute. Russia is located just behind our eastern border so many Russian boys might look similar to the Finnish boys, but it depends on where from the Russia boys come. And it does not matter where in the world the boys come. Boys’ appearance varies more or less, but all the boys … they all are just as beautiful and lovable and just as wonderful. heart hug smile

    • Thank you for your words, and I agree with you John47. They look exotic, also for me, and I think are beautiful heart . Boys are boys everywhere, and I agree again with you, they are wonderful yes , not matter, where they come from. Thanks for your support John47. good drinks hug

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