29 thoughts on “Happy Christmas

  1. I don’t remember anyone forcing you to look at these images. If you don’t like them, turn away and go back to drooling over boys with their penis pressed against a too tight speedo like the perverts you are

  2. Thanks swisboy…….I really love Cole, and just because he doesn’t model for his sister company Tiger Underwear, he doesn’t get the same coverage that Spencer does….!!!! heart laugh heart good
    Great post…….!!!!!! Thanks…!!!!!!

      • Yes, and there are some people here who leave ugly comments everywhere and want to see nudity, but some just don’t think that diapers look good on an older boy and would rather like to see normal shorts or jeans. Others just love these diaper shots. I wouldn’t give so much about everyone’s opinion.

      • Sexual exploitation of boys is clearly wrong. However, many in this group have an unexpressed sexual attraction to boys and this is an outlet for them to express it safely instead of with a boy. It’s a fine line and a difficult one I realize but those that are attracted to boys need a safe outlet to talk about their desires without shame or ridicule. If it bothers you to hear people talk about their sexual feelings for boys I would hope you would respect their right to do so here and choose to support them or choose to go elsewhere just as those who may not like older boys in diapers should support your right to share them freely here.

        I would argue that all the boys in the models shots in their tight fitting clothes and provocative poses are being exploited in exactly the same way as these diaper boys are. They may not be sexually abused but these shots, one can argue, are only for the purpose of providing stimulation for the sexual satisfaction of men. A diaper, after all, draws attention to the boy’s crotch the same way a tight-fitting speedo with a bulge does. Boys are wonderfully beautiful physical creatures and they are wonderfully sexual. For me, this means boys in natural shots acting normally as boys. The staged, shots, all of them, I consider exploitation and I have a hard time accepting them, be it speedo or diaper. I love the look of both, but can’t help feel for the boy. We all play a role in this. Let’s try to help each other and the boys rather than call each other names.

  3. One of the things that makes this place so special is the ability to share feelings openly and safely among friends. While we won’t, and shouldn’t, agree on everything, my hope is we can be supportive in our differences instead of resorting to name calling or the use of inflammatory words. We’re all here out of a love for boys in some form or another that is both rare but also unaccepted by non-bls, and considered potentially dangerous to boys. This is a hard enough burden without adding on bickering amongst us too. Loving or hating older boys in diapers is fine and sharing these opinions is too. But do we need to be calling each other perverts? I hope there is a better way.

  4. i wonder why a boy would even pose wearing a diaper. Must be under someones control to do that. Not my thing i rather a boy in jeans and he don’t even have to be hot looking

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