7 thoughts on “Sexy and he knows it!

  1. Adorable until he dropped his jeans, then it was just plain sexy and he knew it. good Little monster is packing. shock inlove Sweeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttt! laugh Thank you for sharing Tug, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. good hug joy

    • But I do not understand. I never in my life … except very basic self exhibits in the empty school yard or a in a basement or in an empty of parent’s house / apartment .. … No, nothing, no such things … until I found that there was in the 70’s a gay exhibit / parade in South America and a man had two boys fisted with each with cocaine one on each arm anally fisted in the air. I see no such photos just a verbal witness. Now I see what else is there. WOW and eerie.

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