A few from Kis

Hello and merry Christmas! Decided to share a little gift as we celebrate the holidays and move in to the new year. I’m sure a few of us have seen him before, but here are a few of my favorites from the sweet boy Kis that I didn’t see posted on here smile 24058714Kgb 18629000Vxy 19690788Xkk 19690850cjG 20471049feZ 20471084WWv 24058978FCi 24058983Gmg 24344736bve 26009607nxs

10 thoughts on “A few from Kis

    • I have been in love with him since I saw him first. Anyone know what happened? it seems that there are no recent pics of him and I have heard rumors that family members of his have passed away. I surely hope whoever has this boy is taking care of him sad heart

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