All i want for Christmas is a little boy..

All i want for Christmas is a little son like him.
Is that really too much to ask out of life? :sad: :confused:
Or him?
Or him?
Or him?
Or him?
Or any of them cuties?


16 thoughts on “All i want for Christmas is a little boy..

  1. The same kind of Christmas miracle I’m hoping for but life is not bestowed upon it not to me. Life is not always so fair and in this case it is not even the right to appeal. It makes just so painful to watch those wonderful boys and give life to glide over. Sigh.

    • Finally one post from one guy that feels and hurts just like me. Watching those beautiful angels is getting more painful every day. I can’t even get a chance to spend an afternoon with one such angel even if he never gets to be my own, just to know what it feels like. And those who have one will never realise how lucky and blessed they are.
      Watching beautiful boys everywhere i turn has turned into insult to injury. But i can’t help it. I just can’t walk away when i see how much kids like me too. If this blig disappeared i don’t know how i’d find the strength to go on.
      @John, i hope and pray with all my heart that you get your beautiful son as soon as possible. Merry Christmad and all the best to you and your loved ones.

      • Thank you very much BlueEyes for your answer. I interpreted apparently quite right to your feelings when I read your text before images. I believe that I feel that case quite the same way as you and certainly for many others. It’s kind of comforting to know that I’m not alone with this. Often, it really hurts immensely when I see that kind of angel and can not do anything to the matter if I how earnestly would like to go hug him and tell him how wonderful he is. It will be just another scar on my heart, but on the other hand on my mind remains a beautiful dream about the angel … a dream that once again disappears slowly away.
        In this society you can not go to hug the unknown child, if even your own child, without being suspect pedophile or child rapist or any kind of that. Parents and children have been intimidated so thoroughly that even one kind word from a stranger to the child leads them to suspect that the guest intends at least to rape a child. Unfortunately, that fear is not completely useless when children’s sexual abuse also really happens. What about a situation that I am happened to get one lovely angel my friend and the boy would want to go further than kissing and caressing. Well, I guess it is useless to think about it when justice nowadays considers as sexual harassment already kissing or caress. What more can you do than to feel pain and to dream?
        Take good care of yourself and try to get along.
        If you want to change opinions even more so perhaps we could use our mailboxes.

        • Sure you may contact me by PM if you wish to talk.
          The parents are so paranoid they will beat you up just for photographing their kids not talk about what they’d do if you tried to shake their kids hand.
          And i don’t mean shirtless kids on the beach but normal dressed situations in town.
          And ironically strangers are never the ones to molest kids. It’s always a parent or a close relative nobody would ever suspect of. Talk about irony! That’s why i don’t even walk around with a camera anymore. It’s not worth it.

  2. What a wonderfully important topic to post here. I hadn’t thought about the impact on BLs that aren’t fathers or who don’t have much contact with boys. I certainly hope that men who truly love boys in all the right ways are able to have special time with one. I don’t mean sexual, I mean true, appropriate love for a boy. This is the greatest gift we can give a boy.

    Are most BLs not fathers? I would assume so. Do most never get involved in relationships with women? If so, men with interests in boys must get involved with boys in some way as mentors, coaches, teachers, foster parents or as parent. And, again, I don’t mean as a way to act on any sexual fantasies or to exploit a boy in any way. I mean to truly love a boy in all the right ways. We can offer a boy a connection that nobody else can – true devotion to the boy for the boy’s sake. And, yes, along the way enjoy his physical and emotional beauty and appreciate it in ways others can’t. It may be safer not to get involved for fear of sexual attraction. I get that. But for me being with boys is so much more important. Dare to forge a relationship with a boy or boys. Find an outlet. And trust yourself. It hasn’t been easy for me but I have managed to do it and I treasure my time with boys as a result. No, it will never be as a son and it will never be sexual, but it is still love and I hope love in all the right ways because it truly honors the boy.

    Best wishes to all my BL friends struggling with the absence of a boy. My New Year’s wish is that 2016 may bring you that boy or boys into your life that we all need. I know I struggle intensely with the longing to have a boy in my life like those in the shots here. What a dream that would be…

    • Boys4Life, thank you for a wonderful and compationate comment.
      I get what you mean. I don’t have that problem as i am not attracted sexually to boys or men. I love boys only as you said yourself as a son, or brother or a good friend.
      It is nice to be able to appreciate boy beauty without the fear of getting sexually attracted by them.
      I am in a really bad place in my life right now for fifferent reasons and Christmas time brings the loneliness out even more. But more on that in my next post which should be public in 4 hours.
      I don’t want to contaminate this post by my problems. This is perhaps my best mix of boys photos that i photographed myself back in 2013.
      Once again thank you for all the kind words. I do have some boys in my life but they are teenagers now and we only see each other once every year and its not the same.

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