This is post dedicated to ALL of you!!

Hello and Merry Christmas everyone!
This is my Christmas small gift/contribution to the blog, especially dedicated to every single member of BOB! I know I am not an active person here but, very honestly, I still can’t help avoid thinking we are all like “brothers” here.
Therefore, I wish all of you are ok, spending this season with the ones you love the most and I also wish 2016 brings you the best for you! ;)

Hugs everyone!










14 thoughts on “This is post dedicated to ALL of you!!

  1. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you too. This is a lovely Christmas gift from you. Boy # 3 is my absolute favorite. He has everything that fascinates me greatly. His hair, his beautiful, brown eyes, his nose, his smiling mouth, so his whole lovely face are so incredibly beautiful package that it hurts but it feels so good. I believe that this beauty will continue from face to toe. If I think of just mere appearance then this is the kind of boy that I would like to get to my friend or even to my own son. heart hug Thank you for this wonderful dream, William. hug smile

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