25 thoughts on “Home Improvment & 5 sleeping boys.

  1. Wow nice work digging out those old photos of Jonathan.
    I wonder what’s he up to these days?
    I still watch Home Improvement today.
    Best family sitcom ever next to E.L. Raymond.
    Tim rules. His show is the reason i got interested in tools and cars.

    Thanks for posting.

  2. Wow, Maxie! How wonderful it is to see such gorgeous photos of Jonathan heart !! And a beautiful picture of Kis heart too! I really like 7 as well. You have provided a very special treat for the day after Christmas Day. Thank you so much, yet again.

  3. I just adored the smart mouthed Randy .(JTT) it wasn’t nice having your two bros on top of you all the time ( I had better rephrase that} like Mark had but he is cute also and seemed to rise above it..I heard that JTT came out on the Letterman Show , I don’t know how reliable that rumor is..

    • Yes he was a very clever boy in the serie, as you say, with two bros on top of you all the time, and this boy is the most remembered of all three. Thanks very much for your words speedoboy. good hug

  4. I’ve had so many fantasies about young Mr.Jonathan Taylor Thomas that just the initials JTT gets me excited. good inlove The sleeping boys are now fueling new fantasies. Thank you Maxie mi amigo, you are the best. good heart I hope your Holidays were fantastic, may the New Year bring you joy, peace and wisdom. good drinks hug joy

    • My dear beast, Thank you very much for your kindly words. I’m glad to know, heart about your love to JTT, was very cute boy. Hope also your Holidays and Santa were fantastic with you laugh . Gracias y Feliz Año Nuevo my friend. good drinks hug

  5. Thanx Maxie. Jonathan Taylor Thomas is the first boy I ever fell in love with. I used to steal my sister’s tiger beat mags that had posters of him in them and hide them under my bed, and whip them out every night and go to town. I love him so much. xxx’s and ooo’s to you Maxie.

  6. For those of you that don’t know of have forgotten. He did a movie called “Speedway Junkie”. He’s not in it a lot and I think he goes shirtless in it.

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