10 thoughts on “Riley (3)

  1. I’d like to teach him to use those chucks and maybe some other hard things. laugh Nice looking young man, wish he liked to work out in speedos or less. good Thanks for sharing Jouchboy, I hope you have had a great Holiday. good drinks hug

  2. As ive said in prior posts of Riley..I think hes one of the top ten boys for sure, Beautiful eyes, a sexy come to me look in them..blondes a ++++ Braces another (they always give me instant wood) Boys with braces are a BIG thing for me (past experience’s have ALOT to do with that) + + + + heart and that cute face and SEXY boy hairless and smooth body!! No pit hair..UUGHH One of my all time favorites…Id di ANYTHING he wanted me to do!!! I LOVE YOU RILEY !!! heart heart inlove hug

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