12 thoughts on “Santa’s little helpers

  1. pic #2: boy in red is so cute hug and his tiny bulge is so irresistible! heck even that boy in yellow managed to get his head between his legs to get a front-row sight of that little package, lucky him! and it seems the boy in red is going to give him a good tea-bagging laugh
    pic #3: it looks like the boy is thinking: i can’t handle my little boner anymore! i am going to take this wrestling suit right now and go give myself some good sexy action!
    pic #5: boys with braces are always cute, but this one taks the crown! his smile is so pure and sincere, i just wanna hug him and eat him with kisses! starting by his fit abbs inlove
    pic #6: boy looks hot with those green and black boxers,they suit him really well, and he has amazing legs and abbs, too bad there was not a closeup version sad
    boy #8: so beautiful! his smile makes my heart melt joy those nipples tho wacko and that speedo good

  2. # 1 Sexy lil white boy maybe coming from church…yummm 2 I wish I was either boy !!! They had to have done more of this before!! BUT 5 is the one I want the most hot lil sexy boy with braces!!!! Oh my my my……..hardness prevails!!!

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