3 cute blond brothers

First i want to thank all of you for your unconditional love and support in my past 2 posts.
I have never in my life been in any group of people where i felt so loved and understood like here. And i hope that will never change for anyone that comes here.
Even though Christmas is officially over, i would like to especially wish all the best to our members accross the Atlantic.
I hope to get a chance to visit your country someday. I wish you and your families all the best in the upcoming new year and excuse me for grammar mistakes as English is not my first language.
This song is for you:
Christmas in America

And now back to our beloved boys.
Today i give you the full set of the blond boy you loved so much. He is here with his 2 blond cute brothers.
I hope you like them all.
2 off them must be twins or maybe they are identucal triplets? They all look very much alike.



9 thoughts on “3 cute blond brothers

  1. Thank you Blueeyes…..they are beautiful boys having the time of their lives.

    Your grammar is very good by the way, actually better than some English born, and your sentiments for this blog are widely shared.

    • Yes Jo, i think so too.
      Ij ust love taking pictures of young brothers.
      Thete is nothing more beautifultome than seeing brothers playing together.
      Probably because i was growing up all by myself.

      Thanks for your comment. :good:

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