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I don’t know, if anyone is gonna read that or if anyone is gonna be interested in what I want to say here. Ever since I was about 13 or 14 (I’m 18 now), I’ve had this kind of weird fascination for younger boys from about 9-12 or 13, and it has grown stronger the older I got. I want to look at them cause I find some of them so incredibely beautiful, I want to talk to them cause I wanna hear what they have to say, I wanna know how they think, because they have this perfect ballance between the thoughts of a child, and the thoughts of an adult. They aren’t like 5 year olds, who are all driven by their fantasy, but they neather are like grown ups or older teenagers who are pessimistic and don’t believe in truly good and wonderful things anymore.

This interest I have in those boys is not at all sexual. I don’t know how to really put it, but there’s a weird sexual energy going out from boys that age, maybe because they’re about to hit puberty, but although I can feel it, it doesn’t really affect me. Like, I could never imagine having sex with a boy. I’m bisexual and, when I’m with guys, I prefer young-looking partners (no beard and stuff), but not child-like.

Once I see a really beautiful boy, I can’t look away. Their perfect skin, their beautiful, shining, eyes, their voices, their smiles – it just makes me believe in happiness.

Does anyone know what I mean? I don’t know why, but I feel bad about having those feelings.

I’l upload some pics of boys I find beautiful here. I think, some of them have been uploaded on this site before, I hope that’s okay. Sorry for my English, I’m from another country..1 .12 .13 .14 .15 .16 .17

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  1. . . . . . Trying to understand – and I think I do – this will sound simple – LOVE Yourself First – Everything will fall into place – let got – be YOU smile

    • . . . Son, Please Take Care – Wish I could give You the Biggest Hug You’ve Ever Had . . . I Sincerely Do – I have read your words several times – Hard to not relate. I’ll Fly you here if You wish smile smile

  2. Hello Jas,
    Your words are wonderful and you’re not alone in feeling the way you do about boys, this blog has lots of members that feel the same as you, including me.

    Oh, and your selection of boy pics are all lovely.

    Sent me PM….we can chat

  3. Yes, I read what you said and found it interesting. Also, of course completely unsayable in UK or UK society. ‘The love that dare not speak its name’ is no longer homosexuality, but boy-love.

    You say two or rather contradictory things. ‘the interest I have in thee boys is not sexual.’ Then the very next sentence, ‘ … there’s a weird sexual energy going out from them … but it doesn’t affect me .’ I assume you mean it doesn’t affect you sexually. Hmm. I think you might want to inquire a little deeper within yourself on that one. ‘ I don’t know why, but I feel bad about having those feelings.’ Maybe because you know they’d be disapproved of; maybe because your interest has a sexual component, after all. The beauty, the attraction – of course; that response is far more common than society dare let on. Because it can’t separate that from not just desire, but lust to the point of rape. We know that isn’t so; they don’t, and can’t know – because, just as with heterosex, there are indeed sexual predators.

    I have no idea what if any your religious upbringing was. No matter which (mine was Catholic), I’m sure it frowned on any response, even nonsexual, as you mention.

    The only thing society can reasonably demand is that you cause no harm to others. But that demand is also made of heterosex; reasonable, in both cases. Beyond that, the content of your thoughts and imagination is no business of anyone else. I think the evidence is pverwhelming that sexual attraction is fixed in the womb; it’s not a ‘lifestyle choice’ – absurd idea. Just try ti ask heteros when the ‘decided’ to be come heterosexual! If they bother to do anything but stare at you, they’ll say they ‘always just knew.’ I believe them; the same is true for all sexual orientations!

    But the beauty, the affection, of boys, is to be celebrated and and returned – with that one constraint, that no harm be done. The law can’t prevent, or punish, admiration. Yet.

  4. You know i think i can relate to what you wrote. I love spending time with boys, i feel some kind of synergy everytime i can see them smiling. I love the way they are, interested in everything, looking for adventure and discovering world. Also i love them being playful and a little mean. Spending time with them makes me simply happy. Still I have mature bf which i live with.
    We all know that having sex with boy or even touching them without their permission is harmfull. We all love boys so why would we want to hurt them? It makes no sense. So don’t worry, be yourself as long as you aren’t hurting anyone. But if you still feel bad with it, you can always come out and try to change yourself.
    Remember one thing: you are the one living your life, not other so don’t listen to ppl opinion, especially the once who never helped you in critical situation.

  5. Yes, I love everyone of these. So much. I did read what you wrote. Very interesting to read. I could not and would not ever have sex with a boy as I feel they are nor ready. It would mess with there mind to much. But I do like these kind of pictures. And I am against. Child porn.

  6. Beautiful boys, but especially # 2, # 5, # 6 and # 7 are the same type boys, which I like … a long, dark hair, beautiful eyes and charming face.
    I believe that I know very well what you mean. But I will not feel bad about having Those feelings and in my opinion you do not need to do so. I think that it is a bad feeling will disappear from you when you’re going to get older and then you can fully enjoy all the wonderful boys. If I remember correctly, I also felt bad about having Those feelings when I was about your age but now when I’m 50 years older than I, I no longer feel bad when I enjoy watching the beautiful young boys. Now I feel bad only for the reason that I’m too old to be friend with any young boy. Enjoy full hearts more lovely boys as long as they are interested in you and when you are older you can make to dream Those beauties.

    • Sorry, this was what I had to send. no shock diablo donkey help dash blush

      Beautiful boys, but especially # 2, # 5, # 6 and # 7 are the same type of boys which I like … a long, dark hair, beautiful eyes and charming face.
      I believe that I know very well what you mean. But I don’t feel bad about having those feelings and in my opinion you don’t need to do so. I think that this bad feeling will disappear from you when you’re going to get older and then you can fully enjoy all the wonderful boys. If I remember right, I also felt bad about having those feelings when I was about at your age but now when I’m 50 years older so I no longer feel bad when I enjoy watching the beautiful young boys. Now I feel bad only for the reason that I’m too old to be friends with any young boy. Enjoy with full heart lovely boys as long as they are interested in you and when you are older you can dream those beauties.

  7. I think the most of us, here, have the same feeling for boys. So don’t worry, it’s perfectly natural for me ! The question of sexuality is a deep problem with many questions and many levels. When I was 17 yo, I didn’t imagine anything out of True Love, I was fully unaware about real sex and what it was possible to do at my age. Of course I’ve heard about it, but it seemed it was not for me loving someone. My boyfriend was 13 yo and the only thing he was interested in was sex ! I just wanted to kiss him on his lips, he just wanted me to suck him ! I couldn’t ! And I didn’t ! He’s gone with another boy to do what I didn’t want to do with him ! I have been deeply shaken, sad, overwhelmed (and alone) during 2 years ! Who was right ? I spoke about levels !… You know what I mean. Everything is a question of particular case. And the laws will not change anything in fact.

  8. As someone who has paid a terrible price for sharing sex with males considered by law to be too young to be able to consent to sexual relations I can tell you that you are better off looking but not touching.
    The idea that there is some ‘magic’ age at which a human being all-of-a-sudden starts feeling sexual urges and enjoys sexual activities is total religious based BULL SHIT! I speak from experience! Bob intro has more on my experiences, so I won’t wear you out here, but it is enough to say I had MANY boys get angry at me for saying NO when they wanted to “fool around”.
    One great crime society perpetrates is to make sex dirty and to make people feel shame and guilt over how they feel and act sexually. Most societies whose religion is based on the three books, instill guilt and shame about any sexual interaction which is not between a married man and woman for the purpose of creating a child, done in the missionary position, lights out, under the covers, woman only does it to fulfill her wifely duty and the man feels guilty if he enjoys it—That is appropriate sex, any thing else is sinful and often illegal.
    It is total hypocrisy to sell all kinds of products using youth as a propaganda tool, then punishing people for seeking young partners for sex. It is also ignorant to believe a 6 year old boy doesn’t like having his penis pleasured when he wants.
    Rape is rape, to force or trick ANYONE into sexual interaction is wrong, but that is not what we are talking about here.
    We all, those of us who find what society says is inappropriate sexually, forced to deal with guilt, shame and social taboos. I wish you peace in your struggle JASOGEHTDASABC. good
    Thank you for the post and the discussion. drinks

  9. Awesome post man! I love your story as well! Being the same age as you and also being bisexual, I share those same feelings as well. I would never want to hurt a young boy. But when I do see a young boy around that magical age between childhood and adulthood, I can beat the urge to look at them because they just have those amazing qualities to them. If you ever want to talk, just send me a PM and I’ll be happy to talk!

  10. That first boy is very beautiful; I love boys with lots of freckles. He reminds me of a boy I used to know; I’ll call him Jake. Jake was five years younger than me, and like the boy in the picture, he had beautiful blue eyes and a face covered in freckles, though his hair was darker and his skin paler. He was funny and very sweet. I remember he would often lean against me and fall asleep with my arm over his shoulders.

    I loved Jake very much, but I often felt bad that I loved him. We were both Boy Scouts, and I was in a position of authority over him. I felt like I was playing favorites, and this made me feel guilty.

    Have you ever driven a car and thought about running over someone in a crosswalk? You know you would never do it, but the thought happens anyway. In the same way, I would have thoughts about having sex with Jake. I knew I would never take advantage of Jake like that, but I felt like I was a monster just for thinking about it. Even now, I have this strange disconnect going on: I find a lot of images on this site to be arousing, but the thought of having sex with any of those boys fills me with shame if he’s younger than 16.

    I guess all of this is to say that I can definitely relate to what you’re feeling. Hell, I’ve even felt guilty for being attracted to guys my age who just happen to look young.

  11. I feel in my heart that there is nothing wrong with loving young boys in a sexual way. If it were legal to have sex with a young boy of 12 and not frowned upon by anyone. I would meet boys, talk with them, and if one of them found me attractive and we fell in love, I would ask him and his parents for his hand in marriage. We would have sex as often as possible. It wouldn’t be just sex though. It would be love making. But I can’t do that until society changes and accepts that young boys and adult men can make passionate love and be truly and utterly in love with one another.

  12. Na sicher verstehe ich was du meinst, ich lebe seit 35 Jahren damit und weiss, es wird nimmer vergehen, was auch absoöut schade wäre, wenn ich die Hübschen auf einmal pott-häßlich finden sollte

    Da kann ich nur sagen: Willkommen im Club

  13. I know what you mean. I’m 17 and even though I like boys my age, I also like younger boys too. Whenever I look at a younger boy I just can’t help myself but look at them and admire them. In my opinion, as long as you’re not taking advantage of or hurting boys then I think it’s fine to like them.

  14. I’m 18, male, also bisexual, and I can totally relate to what you are saying. I miss being that age, and I love spending time and playing with young boys as it takes me back to a time when life was simpler and more joyous. I love the curiosity and insight that they give to the world that adults and older teenagers can’t. I’m attracted to people my own age but my attractions tend to gravitate towards those slightly younger than me. There is nothing more frustrating for me than having a crush on a younger boy and not being able to do a thing about it.
    PM me, I’d love to talk smile

  15. I have to agree with you. There is something special about boys just before they reach puberty and it is a sheer joy to be around them. Whenever I am with such boys I like sex is the furthest thing on my mind. I however never got a sexual vibe from any of them. Perhaps I am to blind to pick it up, but to me that’s not what it is all about.

  16. I understand EXACTLY what you mean! But ain’t ashamed to admittedly say I’m accepting of the person I am! ALL I shall comment on that! But yes the boys choir Libera makes tears fall for THAT feeling happens when I hear them sing!

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