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  1. Maxie you rock, you’re too cool, you’ve the eye of the tiger. dash good This post took me a half a box of tissue and a hour to get through. yes laugh There is no way to just say “nice post” and leave it at. sorry
    The look on the face of the first boy promises real mischief and pleasure. good Boy number 2 has butt for days, ah to spank, lick, eat and other things such a fine ass. I see a bottom like that I wonder if the owner knows how fine it is and what some people would like to do, with his permission of course, with it? shock laugh Boy number 5 has a look and an attitude which absolutely turns me on and makes me hope he wants to fool around. yes inlove #6 has a naughty boy look about him, I wonder if he’d like a nice spanking? laugh # 7 is in position for a good bottom warming and other activities, so provocative, my son Peter used to lay around like that just to drive men and older boys wild, I wonder if this guy is the same kind of tease? joy yes # 8 is a very handsome lad with charms in the rear. laugh frame 9 has two old favorites, the boy in the orange speedo is a ten erection up boy, he reminds me of a boyfriend of old. good inlove And the boy with the chimp is a cutie with attitude. smile inlove Once again you’ve done a tremendous job posting hotties. good drinks hug hug

    • I thank you very much, your very kindly words, my dear beast. I love your comments heart . You have made a compilation of this post, who shows, details, which escape to a fast view of the pictures good . Thanks again for your support beast, You are welcome dog any moment in my house. good drinks hug

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