26 thoughts on “Short shorts.

  1. Now we all know that those butt checks are going to get burned. I think that it is only right for me to request to put some lotion on his burned butt checks, I will be careful not to get lotion on his little swimwear, they may have to be removed, are we all in agreement, that I should make the request? Very well. Its done. smile good

  2. This boy is a real tease, men must have been bumping into things all over the beach. laugh I’ve seen this hottie before and he never fails to arouse. shock laugh thank you Joesip for the great share. good hug drinks

  3. très coquin le petit gars de remonter son petit maillot bain hum il aime monter ses belles cuisses et le bas des fesses mignon et il doit bien le savoir….

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