Smoking-hot boy!

There is just something about boys smoking, that makes them look really sexy, in my opinion. smoker1










NOTE: I do not approve nor support boys, or anyone, smoking! I believe we all here know the horrible consecuences of lightning a cigarete. PLEASE don’t ever let kids even try the slightest amount of tobacco or any other drug/addictive substance, and you yourselves don’t try them either.

10 thoughts on “Smoking-hot boy!

  1. I don’t like boys that smoke, but these boys look so hot to me. I was always attracted. To boys that smoked when I was in school. I even got to smoke on something else of there’s. Oo good times

  2. I stop smoking definitely 38 years ago, before my first boy (I was 32 yo and I smoked for 12 years). I had 5 sons and dozens of friends and boyfriends. Not only one have ever smoked ! Even when they were adult. Sure the boy on #10 is very sexy with his cigarette, but I think he would be much more without… I don’t judge, it’s just my opinion, but I was a doctor and I lost many patients because of tobacco and I can’t help thinking of that when I see a young boy (or girl) smoking. But of course these boys are nice and lovely. Thanks for these boys and the short text at the end. cat

      • don’t worry, I too agree with Parker’s comment. I don’t like the idea of boys smoking, but there is just something that i find really attractive on a boy that has a lighten cigaret, maybe the idea of the mbeing “bad boys”, i don’t know. I too hope that was the only cigarete they had and will ever have in their lives, and that they only did it for the pictures.

  3. I smoked for years. It was killing me and I knew it. I now have emphysema (there is NO cure) and have difficulty walking and talking at the same time! Please boys, don’t smoke.

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