Thanks To You

I’d like to thank the site owners and administrators. This is a site where I feel mostly comfortable (which is as good as it gets with me). There’s no flaming, no wars between users, no sneakiness which can be seen elsewhere on the net.

I’d like to thank the users who post pics. I like 90% of the pics posted, and of the one’s I don’t like, who cares? I have a mouse wheel to scroll past. I’d like to thank the users who post in the forums, no matter what they post. Discussion is good. It helps some folks, and it keeps others from feeling so alone.

So, yeah. Great site run by great people frequented by a pretty good community. Here’s some pics.











Final notes. Don’t be too over the top on the comments for these.

I write and I use some of the pics here to help me visualize and flesh out my characters. It’s very helpful. In that sense, this blog is a professional aid. I don’t think I’ll try to use it on my taxes though. smile

Long winded as always…


17 thoughts on “Thanks To You

    • I have some recent stories on Nifty. I do some zombie-horror, but under a non-de-plume. The Nifty stuff is obviously boy centered, the zombie stuff just seems to end up with a boy somewhere.

  1. A very hot post Jon. good The little guy with the shades is too cool. yes The boy in the head scarf is so hot, I wonder if he’d like to fool around? laugh inlove Reading that you write for Nifty I have to ask how do you post stories there? I have a few million. I’ve posted on, but they are very restrictive of man/boy sex. Thank you for the post. good drinks hug

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