59 thoughts on “Vladik Shibanov 29/12/1990 – 20/10/2009

  1. I remember him. I miss that website. So sad when I heard that he died. He was such a beautiful and pretty boy. And he always appeared to having fun in his videos.. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. i have said before in this blog, There is no life wasted that has an affect on another life.
    Yet when it is us that is affected we tend to see it as a waste the most. This pretty boy affected many many of us. Yes he will be remembered, Yes it is sad, But I am glad he was with us for a short time. May better things await him

  3. I had to come back here as i have something more to say.
    8 years before he died I lost a cousin the same way. Another stupid driver slammed into his car and killed him.
    The last time i saw him i was 11 years old.
    He was 2 years older than me and he was the closest to a brother I ever had.
    When he went he was the same age as Vladik would have turned yesterday. 25.
    Talk about irony! So i know how much it hurts.
    Here the cemetery is full of young guys.
    All died in car crashes and not one of them was older than 20 years old. What does that tell you? I look at Maxie’s photos now and that car was way too powerful and dangerous for such a young and unexperienced driver like him!
    He was just 19 years old for heavens sake!!
    And yet all i feel now is horrible pain. All his photos have that extra special meaning for me now.
    He was a great beautiful carismatic young man with the most beautiful smile in the world who could have achieved so much in life and if i could go back and risk my own life to save his i would!! That is how much he touched my heart!
    You will forever live deep in my heart.
    I wish we had a chance to spend some time together. I wish you were here today.
    Rest in peace. :heart: :sad:

  4. I’m a curious guy by nature so i googled Vladik a little and i cannot find words to explain how shocked i am.
    It appears he was sexually molested as a child by the producer of these films who then made money on him by selling these films to sick pedophiles.
    This darling little boy never had a real chance in life, its like he was left all alone in the world and where were his parents in all this? I feel such anger inside..
    Now i feel this incredible need to give him a biggest hug in the world, to protect him like nobody did when he was an innocent child. If he was living in another part of the world im sure his life would have turned out differently.

    I’m so sorry Vladik for all you’ve been through. You deserved better! I love you !! :heart: :heart:

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