Dern saggers!

You know what is something i love to hate about boys? when they sag their undies!!! ):<
I love to see their undies, thats obvious! but come on! why do they torture us like that? if they are gonna let us see how cute their underwear is, why not let us see them without pants? That is what i call proffesional teasing. I can’t live on just imagining how they look pantless! That is a big torture for me.










What is your opinions on boys teasing off that little top part of their underwear?

16 thoughts on “Dern saggers!

  1. Tease is correct. good I don’t mind as much when they are wearing briefs or bikinis, but those horrible baggy boxer types I find to be a turn off. sorry It is the difference between the nice sexy tiger boy in frame 9 and the boy in frame 6. yes Thank you for another great post Assyboy. laugh good drinks hug

  2. This is torture, some years back I had a YF that was 13, he stayed at my house most of a summer, He was a sagger, he wore swimtrunks quite often that he also wore sagging, No undies. We were close, but it was not a sexual thing, but after seein that all day I often found it hard to resist laugh

  3. Wow, geezerz hatin on rebelious yung guy style&swagg, if u even kno what that meanz=i luv cute boy saggerz&skateboarderz=most kidz know it came from bein prison bitch&they obviously stil think its cool, cuz its now an old trend on the streetz, 2show off ther butockz especialy cuz they know it pisses u&most supposed adultz off BIGtime. It has becum a mainstay of hiphop culture, as n beat music&or rap=most dumb girlz hate saggerz but the boyz imitate eachother anywayz=ther R girl gangz of saggerz=i see lotsa yung lezbianz doin it also&sum realy look like young guyz=its funny!! gamer4

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