26 thoughts on “Cuties Alert !

  1. #3 and #5 classicly bueautiful.
    But #1 gets the throne.
    As if his horgeous blond hair wasn’t good enough, he has the most perfect facial features like those strong chin bones and straight long chin.
    I just love people like that.

  2. One of the things I most love about this blog is that the boys posted here remind me of my past lovers and sons. inlove good When my youngest son left to go to college my wife and I moved, while we were house hunting we lived in an apartment and stored most of our things in a storage facility, There was a fire and one of the most precious things we lost were our photos. sorry cry I am not really in love with technology, but it sure would have prevented that loss. The blog here offers some remembrances because of posted boys like in frame 3 who looks much like my little horny friend Eddie, whatever you fantasize doing with a sexy little lad Eddie was Up for. good laugh hug The boy in frame 7 sort of resembles my third son Peter, and my grandson Justin, Peter’s youngest and also a horny boy. Same facial structure, coloring and hair, many happy memories there. laugh inlove good Thank you Yann, happy new year and best returns of the day. good drinks hug

  3. i can’t believe how beautiful all of their eyes are! Someone should hire boy #1 to do some really appealing coca-cola commercials, he has the looks of a talented model. Boy #7 has wrotten on his shit “just be glad i am not your kid” and i think to myself “why should I be glad? sure, i am just a 17yo boy, but I still would love to have a handsome son like you! not yet, tho, of course, but when time comes”

  4. loved the post especially lefty in pic 2, thanx Y13 (was YANN13 really so hazard to type that I need to abbreviate it ? and then was it worth my time to write out this entire question/explanation about it just to save typing 3 letters then to go on and write 2 1/2 to 3 lines more just to be a goof and cvarry on and write a run on sentence for no reason whatsoever other than to simply amuse myself ? ummm, ya it was totally worth it)
    * blows rasberries at everyone that read this entire b.s. comment mwwahahahah
    rofl ;-p

  5. Love the Platinum toeheaded blondes almost white hair..thats sooooo sexy Hes very cute!!! 5 and 7 are sexy to bed type!!! Vey hotboys all of them!

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