Happy New Year

Well 2015 is coming to a close and to those where it is already 2016, I hope that it started well for you. for the rest of us, enjoy these few Linus pics I put together in celebration for new year’s. May our 2016 be full of wonderful times and cute boys!! smile 
IMG_6753 IMG_6540 IMG_4671 IMG_6565 IMG_6582 IMG_6825 IMG_6804 IMG_6809 IMG_6816

14 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Linus one of the Tiger Boys Underwear models known as Tyke! Only thing is Tiger never really used him as a model! Although they introduced him as their youngest boys underwear model to date also ran contest to give him his Tiger name! Winner was the name Tyke as I before mentioned! He was aged 7 then and that was a few years ago! I don’t know if contract issues or whatever? Thankfully TBM picked him up and call him Linus! But I wonder what his true birth name is? Would love to know!

  2. I would like to pose a question for all you boy connoisseurs out there. Linus is a very handsome, gorgeous lad, yet I have yet to see him look like he enjoys posing/modeling. I see the difference between him and Sonny, Danny, Spencer, Tristan, Hunter and others who truly appear to, not only enjoy modeling, but also know their audience and love teasing us by being sexy and hot. What are your thoughts? thank you for the post Klu. good drinks hug

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