New year – new boys + some old favorites

Happy New year 2016 and may all your dreams come true!
2015 was the worst year in my life where I lost some really beloved people in my life who went from this world too young.
Thank god 2015. is over, may it never repeat again!
My dream for this year is to get a boy in my life as gorgeous as this blond beauty, that would be a true Christmas miracle.
AND HERE is the final 3rd part The best of BoB in 2015:
My favorite twin
Bring back the speedos !!
Beautiful, hot, young and fit. :heart: 09b
Beautiful ,  beautiful and more beautiful. image677-666x444
He’s the only workout motivation i’ll ever need !!4345865413_21070cf7f3
Beautiful Jag again in all his natural glory.
With those beautiful eyes watching you right into your soul. I love you Jag. 41844758jju1-666x596
I saved the best for last. Beautiful face, cute looking and great looking natural muscles, he’s my favorite older boy.


14 thoughts on “New year – new boys + some old favorites

  1. I think 4,5 and 9 are very beautiful but 6 heart and the last boy heart are absolutely gorgeous. I think there is a queue for the last boy!! Thank you very much and I am sorry about your bad 2015 and I hope you will find your dream this year.

    • Thank you Florian. I wish you all the best too. Yes there is a queue who will get to hug him first. LoL. Interesting when his pic was first posted people didn’t go crazy for him this way.

  2. Thank you Blueeyes for some really hot, sexy lads. good I am sorry for your loses, I graduated from High School just before Viet Nam got hot, lost many a good buddy too young so I can relate to the wounds on the heart. May this new year bring healing and a hot young stud into your life. joy hug good heart

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