13 thoughts on “Pretty Boy from Argentina

  1. Sascha truly handsome lads. good Thank you for all your hard work keeping this great blog going. inlove I hope this finds you having enjoyed a great New Years eve and looking forward to a great new year. good drinks hug

  2. Thanks Sacha for your work here all along the year. I wish for you the best possible for this new year, happiness and good health above all. Sometimes I wonder how you can, every day, watch all these new pages with such a constant kindness. And it’s for me a very good help for mostly of BL, often alone in other places, and free to post here what they love, what they can dream with. Thank you for that again. I am old, now, and my life is behind me, but I had several boys in my life and I lived with them, like my sons, a happy life, free, fully free… Out of the bad minds, out of Jesus freaks to upset me. Now I can live without any blog about boys because my memory and my own picts are full of lovely picts. But some BL have nothing else than your blog. That’s the reason why I thank you a lot for them.

  3. he’s one in a million ! wow !
    I gotta thanx you too for all the work ya do. and I’ll even do it without a joke or remark. just a sincere thank you. ( but dont get too used to the politeness, I cant behgave all the time ya know ;-p – can’t explain why… I just cant. ;-p mwahahahah )
    but for now, sincerely thanx for everything, huggs you smile

  4. sssoooo handsome wacko Tan guapo inlove What is it with Argentinian boys that they are so beautiful? probably my second favorite ones just below German boys. Thanks for this amazing post and beautiful cuttie Sascha good

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