13 thoughts on “Russian boy made of dreams

    • If you have FireFox it’s easy to download a video with the add-on “Video DownloadHelper” You have to get the add-on first, install it. After, clic on the video to start and right click to save as a true mp4 file on your desk or everywhere you want. It will be useful for all video, YouTube or tumblr, or anywhere. I use often. It works with FireFox and Chrome, not with Safari (I am on Safari ! But I start Firefox just for download videos)

  1. The verbosity is irrelevant and the show is as dull as the egg. CUTE anyway as the actors are CUTE. F U N ! ( That is the point / purpose / intent / &c of these all …. to show how cute they are versus anything loquaciously clever ? ) Ha Ha Ha … I enjoyyyy yes

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