5 thoughts on “Black is STILL Beautiful.

  1. Yes, it is. Black will always be beautiful. Thanks for another good collection of dark hotties! My favorite is #2 – he looks like a little stud-in-waiting. The little shirtless guys are adorable, I like to imagine how hot they’d be when they get older. Thanks again , my friend!

  2. Black is always hot, sexy and beautiful, thank you Riley. good heart dog I would love to teach the boxer to keep his hands up, looks good to take a Mongoose stance for pictures but in the ring keep them up. yes [The mongoose was Archie Moore, light-heavyweight champion of the world and one of the all time greats.} Thanks for the share Riley, keep them cumming, I mean coming. laugh good drinks heart

  3. Few days for a full page of my loved Taylor… Be patient….Black is beautiful but a lot of people doesn’t know that. May be they are blind or society formatted something in their brain. Sorry for them. For me, all boys are the same, but I am always more attracted by young black boys, even older. From my childhood, and for over 40 years !

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