16 thoughts on “Hot….hottest you love to see

  1. Lusiboy you again bring a banquet to the post, and I’d eat them all. good penguin The boy in the first frame almost stopped my heart the blood rushed to my pleasure pole so fast, wow shock I want to rescue #4 he looks UP[?] for it. dog inlove The little exercise boy and his red speedo with his nice 2″ [2.08 cm] joy stick is always a welcome site, I’d especially like to firm his soft member up. laugh dog #6 should watch out for incoming, I mean in cumming. A hottie. good inlove Frame 7 made me think of the gum commercial, double your pleasure double your fun, though in this case I’d like to double their pleasure and their fun, I hope they like fun spankings because they have the most lovely. tight, round bottoms built for all kinds of games to share. good hug penguin The boy in distress in frame 8 needs assistance removing his suit from his smooth, round, firm, gorgeous, tight fleshy, mounds, which I which I was trapped by, I volunteer to assist removing the suit, I mean trapped material. yes penguin The last boy reminds me of my oldest boy Scott at that age, I hope that youngster is into men more than Scott was at that time. laugh Well done friend Lusiboy. good drinks penguin

    • Beast….. you always comment on my posts as a favorite blogger… .. . Your thoughts for boy’s is so exciting…… You are a real lover of boy beauty.. … . smile smile smile
      As always your heartily welcome for commenting smile drinks

  2. Hi Lusiboy,
    Just love these pics of yours.
    Especially like the 3rd last one in his tight little red speedo.
    Also, the last one is my favourite by far.
    Wouldn’t mind bunking with him if the chance arose (& if
    Beast didn’t beat me to it !!)

  3. Would remove red Speedo boys bottoms with my teeth I think boys as hot as the ones in this post should have to be naked at all times just too damm sexy to be covered up thanks

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