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  1. The idea that jazz was a USA racial black thing is as absurd as here as black ghetto USA break dancing as a racist nonsense is demonstrated in two of these videos . Here we see break dancing as a clear case of self demonstration of self ness. Why this guy does this I am unable to figure. Maybe he needs several good spankings to stop being so self showing off as if he is doing. I cannot say. I am wondering. OH. He is wonderful. OH. I enjoy these three videos. OH. Thanks for them. OH.

  2. As an aside, JAZZ comes from JIZZ which is what adult males refer to as JISSM. Among another bunch of other names. The makers of the Jazz music so give this form of music that name and it is on written record by black and white makers of the music from the New Orleans and the counties around. Note that break dancing is not unique to blacks is shown in the videos. There is also Scandinavian non racial Jazz, French non racial Jazz, and even Gypsie non racial Jazz ( I heard the album ! ). OH … these are guys who have not gotten into the jazz – jism – gypsie thing. ( another aside … gypsies is not from ‘Egyptian’. Written, historically, you can guess the origin for real from what I have to say already hint hint jazz jissm gypsie … I kid you not … the gypsies for the money ) …

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