14 thoughts on “Random Boys 3

    • The bump of a body part in the clothing does not equal portrayal, or your knees when you sit would not be knowable as to where. [ Otherwise, we wear bulbous clothing like Eskimo’s in the winter. ] You, Jonas2004, warn us of nothing. You are a watcher and you see clouds in a clear sky, in my humble opinion. You have a problem with penis. Sorry … but so you are not alone.

  1. Thank you Mark, great post. good The first three frames feature an oldie but goodie who’s charms are clear to see, which I enjoy very much. shock penguin inlove The boy in frame 4 is very lovely and feeds my fevered fantasy filled brain with naughty imagines of what we could do together. shock dog laugh I’d love to get to the bottom of the boy in frame 5. yes dog Frame sex, I mean six has a very hot little cutie. good joy Frame 7 made me tired and I felt a need to join the young lad in bed, for sleep of course. laugh I would love to teach the boys in frame 8 some rope tricks, and other things. yes good I was bothered by the scene in frame 10, the boy is wearing far too much for a proper massage, which I’d be happy to give him. yes dog Nice post Mark. drinks good hug

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