12 thoughts on “Visual temptation!!

  1. Ykboy, very nice group of gorgeous sexy lads. good The first boy seems to be open for business. shock penguin The expression on boy #4 is a Big Bopper song, saying “You know what I like.” I think I could show him some things he’s like. laugh dog inlove The boy in frame 5 has one heck of a nice body which I would very much like to explore. dash yes Thank you. good hug joy

  2. This is a song about the innocent, who died at the hands of a desperate man, trusted those who he thought he knew, he trusted those who he looked up to, I’ll never forget the joy in his face, I’d laugh and cry and I’d ruin my place, he’d drive me crazy he’d drive me wild, I used to scream and shout all day long…….now I hope u know this song is about a child who now has gone, other children like him too, abused and used by what adults do, so don’t tell me about politics, and all the problems of our economics when u come not after what u can’t own, u scream and shout, all day long…………………………….all day long/ new order. Give it a listen

    • What do think you know about the murder of innocents ? Children are hardly the main ingredient of savagery. What about the 100 million AIDS dead people of Africa from unsterilized needles ? [ And Christian missionaries’ involvement since the 1930’s ] Dare to challenge me about the realities of human horrors … I challenge you to challenge me. I may learn something new. !!

      • UH OH I got the zero wrong … it was over a million Africans from AIDS from unsterilized needles … plus other diseases also from such practices. Sorry to mis-lead. I insist that children are not the main ingredient of any savagery. The serial rape of boys in the USA ( plus girls ) I have known / read about are not the same as child soldiers, 12 years or less old, in Cambodia then and Africa now, raped and physically dismembered and / or burned. Remember the burning tire / gasoline of the South African black gay boys by the Freedom female leader.

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