10 thoughts on “hope you all have a wondeboyful 2016

  1. Well done Gazza. yes Very cute handsome lads all. good Boy number 2 is built very much like my oldest and second oldest sons Scott and Donald, what is very strange is my third and fourth boys both took after me and were very athletically built as boys and are very big men [Peter played pro US football and Joey wrestled as a heavyweight in High school and college] genes sure are weird. laugh Boy #7 has eyes you can get lost in, like deep south sea’s lagoons. yes #8 has one of the faces you come across in a store or restaurant and have to struggle to keep from staring and giving away you’re a boy lover. yes And the boy in the tenth frame brings back memories of times like that for me and my boys; makes me wish he was sitting on my lap, I know where my hands would be resting. laugh Thank you Gazza for sharing. good drinks hug

  2. 7 is so beautiful as is 8 . #5 is really erotic because there is something about this pose with arms relaxed and spread open in a submissive manner. Similar how a dog would turn belly up to let him alpha male know he respects his position. Thanks for a great album.

  3. wow, it ain’t often I comment that I like more than one bot in a post. I dunno it seems like I’m bein greedy :-p no offence intended to the other BL’s ;-p is just me
    But 4 has eyes that mesmerized me, 7 was just gorgeous, and 8 had such an puppydog brown eyed look and cute longish brown hair, I couldnt pick a fav between the 3 of them. Awesome post Dude !
    thank you very much smile

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