Just boys


3 thoughts on “Just boys

  1. Handsome lad. good I was struck by some strange thoughts as I watched the video. The boy is running, so I assume running from something. Then his monstrous thing comes out of the ground and I assume that is what the boy is running from and it wants to do the boy harm. But then it scoops the boy up and helps him to run towards his goal.
    So much like being a BL. Society assumes we are monsters who want to use and harm boys, when the truth is most of us want to help them, oh well. dash Thank you for sharing wolf. good hug drinks

    • Yes my friend. And don’t forget the monster of “Elephant man” a true symbol of what is a monster : something to show to others. Remember too “Freaks” this exceptional movie. The monsters are not those called monster but, often, the “normal” people.

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