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    • I tried these 3 links (I am curious) : but I am on a Mac well protected with add-on and I didn’t see any popups and no weird activity behind. I am not telling “it’s safe” but I can’t tell “it is not safe”. Just be every time prudent. For my security, I only made screen-shots of the picts I like when I don’t know where from the picts are. This way can’t wear any virus or anything else in the screen-shot because it’s only a screen-shot of your screen, not a copy (drag and drop may wear virus, yes). And giving a sreen-shot to a friend is secure, except if your PC is completely full of virus, of course diablo
      But that for the advice. We need all advices from us, here above all.

  1. Thanks a lot for these beautifuls portraits. That what I love so much in photography ! In my pages, here, you have most of the time portraits. The gaze of a boy count for me above all. The eyes are a mirror of their souls.

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