8 thoughts on “Hottays!

  1. Lotta boy beauties here , but pic.1 the sexy remote control Hottay really turns me on… Love to see him with the white cutoffs down around his ankles.

  2. There are many hotties, but the last 2 boys gets me in particular. The one with the dog tag is so ripped shock Can I wrestle with him?! I would let him dominating me laugh
    And the last one… What a cute smile heart His soft skin and his fit body… Wonderful!

    • Are there more ? I love that picture number two and maybe he might like a poor older man to say something nice to him. ( #6 and #8 and #9 are nice too. But not like #2. ) Maybe he wants a friend who will not demand his body but appreciate it but demands his thinking. OH ? Tell me and I shall try

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