Some of you probably remember Jasper from his time on tumblr a couple years ago. I’d imagine more than a few of you were even following his blog while it was active.

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Still pretty salty about how the staff terminated his blog after he came out as bi. It’s kinda weird that they only seem to target boys who express anything resembling sexuality or a sexual preference while girls in the same age groups are allowed t be pretty damn shameless.

Anyways, him and Colton (the blonde in the last pic) were always pretty laid back and happy to chat with everyone. Was nice having them around brief as it was.

9 thoughts on “Jasper

  1. Yeah I remember him..considering some of the more out there stuff on Tumblr it does seem strange for them to have deleted his account just because he came out as bi.. sad

    • Don’t see how his parents weren’t involved considering one of the stated goals of his blog was to show him off/raise awareness of his person to potentially jump start a modelling career. A decent chunk of the photos on his blog were headshots taken by the person(s) running smashthirteen for the same reason. As I understand it he even got some minor work.

      Considering all of that I don’t see how his parents weren’t at least involved in a peripheral fashion. Though I suppose it is possible they self terminated his blog due to some of the creepier anons he got.

  2. Oh yes! I remember ! It was the time of my third blog on tumblr, of course nuked because of some shirtless boys. Tumblr staff is allergic to boys, but, too, allergic to beauty and simply intelligence. Nothing to add but leave tumblr if we want to post boys. My third blog on tumblr was leprinceeric terminated after more than 4500 picts. Today I made another one to find new followers and keep their address umcasteloemportugal.tumblr.com very few boys but of course enough to be nuked once again. I don’t care, it is for find some blogs the time t they can stay on tumblr (sometimes no more than one week !
    The pict n°4 here is an excellent artistic photography
    Thanks you very much

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