10 thoughts on “Post#13 European TV

  1. Ack! dash

    Send the paramedics! shock

    That is unexpectedly delightful. If that doesn’t wake you up in the morning, I feel sorry for you. Loved that video. Thank you for sharing!

    PS: Wow! good

  2. This is new to me. yes There is a youtube.com section Kinderen voor kinderen as Heiner67 wrote and it has girls and boys and, at my count, has 100 videos, and that is when I stopped trying to count. Most not as interesting as this one, which is here for us for us by boibill0911 , with boys in the showers [ advertising, it seems, a shampoo ]. ODD. But this one was fun [ AND NWVVER IN THE PURITAN USA [ with the witch hunts history ] ]. smile

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