8 thoughts on “swimming trunk models 9

  1. OMG! There aren’t even words for how amazing #9 is – I would faint if he started talking to me all wet in that tight little speedo.. He is just bulging absolutely everywhere. I love reading all ur comments. I only reciently was stunned by the beauty of these boy models and how incredible they are to admire..

  2. OMG OMG & He’s sooooooo amazing.. I am absolutely throbbing uncontrollably – his boy package is tan grande y tan tan Rico. I would by him 1000 cute tight speedos & all spandex briefs if they all didn’t rip open immediately from that unbelievable boy
    Bulge taking up every inch of his speedo. He is the most incredible boy to date.. Makes me absolutely explode happy thoughts – does anyone else get this way. I’d luv to hear all about it. Omg YES please!

  3. I love number nine also. He has a nice face too ( love that ear ! heart ). He is with a car he cannot possibly be the driver of. He has a skimpy pubic fix me shorts which have a nice color and design … Skimpies are to fix the balls in ease for plopping around protection and the dick is attached there so it gets covered too with the balls. Guys and boys with bigger balls and guys and boys with bigger dicks have such show up, or, show out. They may then show them off or the genitals may just be a show to see, or both. [ The dick in some areas might need a protective attachment too. ] { There are the other kinds of dick and ball skimps / attachments too for other reasons Ha Ha } To me, this photo / picture is BEAUTICALLY CUTE OF A CUTE GUY. MEEE — OWWW diablo

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