10 thoughts on “Beautiful summer memories

    • Yes i took them with Android phone camera terrible focus and no image stabilsation
      I have to get a compact digital camera again.
      This was taken in summer 2014.
      He’s very beautiful to me. : heart:
      I eonder what is he doing right now?
      What is he thinking about?
      Is he happy or sad? Is he warm and fed?
      Well you know where i’m going with this…

  1. Gorgeous boy, so well built and sexy. yes inlove The first frame I was captivated by his face and then panned down his smooth well formed chest and tight stomach, then TFUS [those fucking ugly shorts]. It is like buying a beautiful car and the engine doesn’t run. Oh well, enjoy what there is I always say. cry Thanks for the parts we could see, blueeyes. good drinks hug

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