4 thoughts on “Boys

  1. The one cute guy with the finger ‘up’ needs to leave out and get on with his possibilities … he is a love heart … but, does he really need the group. I like him all alone but alone will not make him an ‘it’ hit. AH — what do I know — except I would buy him a meal without guilt. He is a cat kid cat

  2. Agree boy in foreground with hat and finger up is an almost exact match to a boy I had some fun with! ( we were lovers for a few years) I posted other comments before on him and about things I did and he would do but I guess it was tooo much? I thought it was no more then other members’ have said and I kept it clean yet suggestive but it got erased! So anyway this pic reminded me of him because he looks so so hot like my boy was Yummy times! inlove

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