20 thoughts on “My Personal Favs (Perfect Boys) #1

  1. Yes Yes Please.. Look at #7 – He is just as dreamy as hot Boys come. I can’t sleep @nite since I stumbled across this beautiful site. Write many many more comments – I love to read who likes who & why.. And how they make u feel inside & out – OMG #7 is so so yummy n a cutie!

  2. Well, this post is ok. But I dunno if I wanna see any more like you asked. I mean the boys are ‘alright’. coulda been better..

    Well, if you ask a silly question. you get a silly answer, ;-p mwahahahahah

    Jokes. I loved your post really. And I especially loved pic # 6. thanx for posting.
    * double checks the website address. Hmmm, yep BOB… thats what I thought, yup ‘course we wanna see more, D’oh !!
    Smirks at BlondeBoysRBeautiful.

  3. I am in love with the surf board guy, picture ten. If you can get me more of him I wont have to go out and hunt for him. I cannot find him anywhere. But for a repeat of this photo. He must be smart / clever. But I LOVE heart him. I ran out of coffee but I would go out and beg for to get him a strong cup of. wow — what a future dad he might be.

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