6 thoughts on “Salivating over his nipples

    • My brother Joe used to do that to me on my adolescent age birthdays. Suckle on my nipples like a baby until I came. I would turn around and do his nipples too. He’s just as cool today about it because we return the favor every March and October. That’s as far as we take it -really! inlove hug

  1. shock There is no salivation of nipples here nor drooling nor nibbling nor lips touching here. One is holding the other in his arms, the held one with his back bent over the arms of the other, a definite protection and not victim look, as he needs be held to not drop, and looks as if this is a one letting the other hold him on a purpose we can only imagine why. They are playing as payees or show-offs or both, motive being not obvious here. It is a cute show of affection for even for pay they require a physical trust, a former physical familiarity I figure but do not guarantee, to do this at all. NICE. I am not complaining. NICE wacko

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