18 thoughts on “This is Alex again.

  1. Last pic. Alex looking so sexy wearing State trooper hat . Hat cord hanging over his beautiful boy chest. Umm, Those puffies just begging for attention. Very nice post…

  2. I accidentally found this guy in 2009. I was shocked. I was just dealing with age issues with a male web site. Somehow this guy shows up on my screen to connect to ( not on that site ) and I go there and I fall in love. ( F the other web site ) WOW. ‘FLORIAN was and here is his replacement’ was my first thought. Then, I figured they were co-habitants of my imagination. Neither are sexual. There are other models that get my same feeling. WOW CUTE but not sexual but TOO CUTE to ignore. ( figure that out you pedophilic psychologists and Freudian f-ing frauds ) diablo ( Freud was at least honest ) drinks

  3. I am a liar. Freud was not any more honest than BF Skinner. Freud did end up in the psychological warfare unit in Great Britain ( now the UK ). so did BF Skinner end up similarly in the US. Skinner was as honest as LSD. Freud was too out of it to lie … he was just too stupid to lie. MMmmFFff dash wacko

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